Monday, 15 December 2014

Start of the Atkins Diet

After spending the last year eating worse and worse and just getting larger and larger we spent some time looking into diets and what we can do. I started looking for diets that would get a quick boost to start so that we felt like we were achieving something. We came up with 2 choices, atkins and juicing. After researching both we decided to give the atkins diet a go. We've set our selves 1 year on this diet, we will keep going for the whole year and hopefully by next year we'll both either be at or much closer to our target weights. 

So what is the Atkins diet? Our understanding is basically no sugar, no carbohydrates. This removes all bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, parsnips... But keeps in all meat and most vegetables but not much fruit. You can eat as much fat and protein as you like, it's just limiting the sugars. The idea is that if your body doesn't have the sugar it'll use fat for energy instead. 

Combined with this we are also doing more exercise, we're going to keep running 3 times a week gradually increasing speed and distance. We are also supplementing this with playstation move games and other fun ways of getting us moving. 

We semi started the diet on Saturday and so far it's been going well. I haven't felt deprived or starved, in fact I've felt very full up and happy. Being able to eat things that would generally be considered naughty, like bacon, is quite a treat and makes things much easier. Yesterday I managed to not lick the spoon when making a cake or eat anything I shouldn't. 

This morning I did a 30 minute run, which was harder than usual due to lack of energy, but it's completed and now I'm sitting down to bacon, eggs and vegetables. Certainly not too bad!!  

Monday, 2 June 2014

Beginning of the 2nd Fast Day

Today is the 2nd fast day having had 2 days of feast between this and the last. I didn't really finish telling you about the 1st fast so I'll do that first and then give a bit of an update. 

I managed to stick to my 500 calorie limit and didn't struggle too much. The hardest times, I found, were Amelia's feed times because I just wanted to put her food in my mouth. I didn't though. I spent all day looking forward to dinner only to discover I didn't like it, however, it meant I consumed less calories and I was able to have a healthy snack in the evening. After the fast day I felt good, pleased I'd achieved it but also less full and more comfortable. 

We planned to have a lovely breakfast to celebrate our success, which we did, but first I started my couch to 5km challenge and went for a run. We went to Harvester for a breakfast and I had a lovely fry up and pancakes. It was a bit excessive but I felt I needed to treat myself, it's certainly something I wouldn't do every time. We enjoyed breakfast and we also enjoyed being able to eat whatever we wanted on those days. We weren't careful and we didn't really think about it. We found that our appetites were smaller and, if I hadn't been intent on treating myself, I probably could have managed on much less food. I think after this fast day I need to focus on what my body is telling me it wants to eat rather than just eating for the sake of it. 

I feel like I've done plenty of exercise, starting C25K, 2 hours of badminton yesterday and I've also started the 30 day abs challenge. I just hope that this is reflected on the scales later in the week, it wasn't today. 

So fast day, it'll be a challenge because I can't just shut the doors and focus this time. I've already had to clean the kitchen, so was surrounded by food but also the pots and pans from our yummy dinner yesterday. I've got sing and sign so will be offered a biscuit, which I must refuse. But then this afternoon I should be able to just distract myself with some flower making and forget about it all. I also have a walk to the doctors to take away some of the time before I'm allowed food again. 

I hope that after a few times of doing this I won't feel like I need to waste the day away to get to the next meal but I'll be able to treat the day as normal. I also hope that I'll get some motivation in some weight loss. We'll give it a month and see what happens. 

Friday, 30 May 2014

First Fast Day

Today is our first Fast day, we are limiting our calories, drastically, for this day. I'm only allowed 500 calories, well in theory more but I'm sticking with 500. So far today I've had scrambled eggs, 2, with some onion, and that's it. It's 12. I've managed not to take a mouthful of my daughter's lunch and not had any snacks.

I'm finding it tough though, not because I'm hungry but because it's a habit for me to eat. I feel strange sat around the house not able to eat. So I'm trying to keep myself busy. We've been trying to work on the garden so I've spent time this morning digging up the grass we need to. I'm currently 1/3 through and plan to do some more this afternoon, ideally I'll get it all done but this is rather dependant on my energy levels. It would be great to get the bed done and the path down the garden but we'll see. I have got time this weekend.

Anyway, the plan is to have a stir fry for dinner this evening. I need to do some calorie calculations but I think I'm allowed a snack this evening as well. I'm just holding on to the knowledge that I can eat whatever I like tomorrow. I'm currently wondering whether we can have a nice breakfast out somewhere.

Hold on, only 9 more hours to go till bedtime!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

5:2 Diet

I've decided to change track on the diet front as I wasn't really losing any weight and we'd lost all our motivation. We struggle with long term maintenance on the diet and I find it really difficult when I can't eat food. After discussions we have decided to give the 5:2 diet a try. This diet requires us to fast for 2 days and eat whatever we like on the remaining 5 days. By fasting I mean I will have 500 calories and Gary 600 in the whole day. 

I have found out more about this diet because I wasn't sure that I understood the concept behind it and how it was supposed to work. There were also a few issues I was worried about, specifically relating to the long starvation period my body has been through, that I wanted to research into. 

I'll start with my understanding of the diet. The concept is based on requiring a calorie deficit, the same basis that all diets work on, however, this deficit is created in just those 2 days of fasting. Most diets require that you consume around 1500 calories a day. This creates a deficit of around 3500 calories a week with the aim of losing 1lb a week. With the 5:2 diet is assumed that you'll consume around 2000 calories on your 5 days and then 500 on the fast days. In total this is slightly more calories a week than a conventional low calorie diet, however, it's much easier to maintain long term as it is much less restrictive on those 5 days you can eat whatever you like. Realistically people, apparently, tend to eat less calories on the 5 days because the fast days will adjust your thinking slightly. 

So once I'd worked that out the next step was is this going to be right for me? Since my body was basically in starvation mode for 9 months it has been unable to adjust to having food again and has piled on everything I eat. I feel like I need to "reset" my metabolism. I was worried that by doing this diet am I going to turn on the starvation mode again or will it still work? From the reports I can find the fasting days aren't long enough to shift the body to starvation mode so that's fine. It also seems that, since there's not such a regular calorie input, the metabolism is able to recover and in some cases people have found that it resets and copes better after fasting. 

I am still unsure as to whether I believe this diet is going to work but I feel like the only way I'm going to answer this is to try it and see. Mentally and emotionally I feel like it's the right road to take but we shall see how my body responds to it physically. I find it strange that I only need to fast 2 days and can eat what I like the rest of the time. I'm sure I can last through 2 days a week. 

It's time I start losing weight and start focusing. I feel so fat and ugly and my weight is just continually increasing. Today I weighed myself and discovered I had gone over another stone mark. I have so much weight to lose now but I just want to get started and lose something. 

Exercise today I managed to do around 30 minutes on the playstation move so that's a good start. 

So I feel like the diet is starting properly on Friday, I have another day or so to prepare for what could be a tough day, but today the exercise started. 

Friday, 10 January 2014

After Weigh in

As promised I'm here to update you on the disaster that was this morning's weigh in. I had put back on the weight I'd lost.. and some.. so now I'm at another all time highest point. I'm so fed up with yo-yo-ing up and down that I really need to focus on losing weight. I've asked my husband to help me with this so hopefully between us we can fight the flab. 

I've also printed off some 30 day challenges that are likely to last more than 30 days. I did day 1 today and discovered I can't do a signal sit up let alone 15, so I muddled through and tomorrow I'll try to do it again.. and will keep trying until I succeed. 

Gary has taken decided to join in with this also so we should be able to motivate each and keep mentally stronger. He wants to start the C25K again but I'm not sure whether I'm ready for that yet. I'd like to run again but I'm also worried about how far I've fallen and don't want to feel worse about myself by failing at that as well. Maybe once I've lost a little weight and got that started I can start working on other things. I'm not sure. 

I'm also wondering about digging out my fitness dvd again. It doesn't work very well in this small living room so I've been leaving it till we move. I think I'll give it a few more weeks and see whether we're closer to moving before I unpack boxes to find my gear. 

I asked Gary to take the marshmallows and cake to work so I couldn't eat them. Temptation has gone away so that helps but I just need to keep myself focused and say no. This week will be tough because we're going away for a few days and I don't want to ruin the diet so I'll have to stay focused on meals out as well. 400 calories is my goal (per meal). 

Thursday, 9 January 2014


Today I just feel like a failure.. I want to curl up in a ball and cry. I know that tomorrow the scales are going to show a gain again and I just feel useless. I can't seem to stick at this and I do really really want to lose the weight, just things keep happening. I need to learn to stick at it through the tough times and tell myself it's worth it to miss out. 

This week both me and Gary felt unwell. With a sore throat comes ice cream and chocolate.. this quickly leads to dominos and then you just what's the point?! I had an order for custard tarts this week and made too many so they needed to be eaten and then I had left over egg whites so I made angel cake, which whilst it's healthier, I wouldn't call it healthy. I just seem to have one thing after another and now I just feel awful. I know that tomorrow is another day and I can make the change now but that doesn't change the effect right now. 

The diet is good but it's quite hard work and we're spending a lot more than usual on food. I have signed up for 6 months and for that time I will continue to try to stick to it but I'm going to have to do a lot better than I am currently. Some of the meals are uninspiring and I'm finding that I'm having to swap out quite a lot to make meals we're happy with. We are trying new things but nothing stands out as being a good dish yet. 

So I need to develop some mental strength, someone which I'm all out of right now. I'm mentally exhausted from the last year plus some and I just want things to be easy, which they never are. When I'm tired and stressed I just want to eat, now I really need to not eat because I'm already large enough. When I think of what I look and feel like right now.. well I feel awful. I feel self conscious in everything I own and I don't want people looking at me. I need to lose this weight and I need to lose it now. 

So from now we are starting afresh. I will be stronger and I will say no. I've got to. I've had enough of feeling and looking the way I do. 

I'll try and pluck up the courage to come and tell you how much I've gained this week but no promises. Hopefully next week I'll feel much more positive about what's to come. 

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Week 4

Another week has passed as so has the weekly weigh in. We didn't really stick with the diet this week due to Christmas and therefore all the family gatherings. I decided that, whilst I wasn't going to pig out, I also wasn't going to worry too much about how I ate and try and enjoy the week.

Unfortunately this has resulted in some very bad news with my weigh in and I'm worse off than when I started. At least I don't have this weight to lose in addition to previous weight but it's still rather demotivating. After the weigh in we had no more gatherings planned so we have started back on the diet in earnest.

Because of the additional weight gained I'm now allowed 1600 calories a day again where it had dropped down to 1500. This usually relates to an extra piece of toast but every little helps. I hope that seeing the scales drop next Friday will motivate me again and help kick me in the right direction. I have 4 stone to lose and I would like to lose the first one by the end of January, may not be realistic now but definitely by the end of February.

I still have a target date of mid August where I would ideally like to have lost it all, however, at this stage I think I would be moderately ok with having lost 3 out of 4 stone.